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car boot salesCar Boot Bazaar is a directory listing site for car boot sales in UK (United Kingdom) and Ireland.  To find latest car boot sales in your area choose from a choice of options on your bottom right.  There is also a Car Boot Sale Calendar showing one off events, this helps to separate the regular from the one off events.  We hope you find this site useful and easy to use.  Whether it’s a small event, regular event or local car boot sale, we will be happy to publish car boot sales here so everyone will know where to go on a weekend.  All you need to do is make sure you get up early enough so you do not miss those bargains!  Good news for anyone wanting to advertise on this site…. It’s free!  See details below on how to place your car boot sale on this site.

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news3rd January 2015

The site is currently going through an update currently so things may look a little ugly, still have the old style look or may be missing for a a week or two until the site has been fully migrated and updated to a new system which will help listings here to update more reliably than using the old system.  For those of you that have been wondering why i have not updated this site for a while, i have recently recovered from a long term illness of which i am pleased to say i am now in good full health.  thanks for being patient whilst i was away and if there is anything on this site that i missed during that time which was important then i do apologize in advance, unfortunately my health took a priority.  I am currently going through a backlog of messages so it may take a while to go through them however if you prefer to contact myself to change something urgently then please send a mail at and i will process it as soon as possible.  Thanks, hope you had a good Christmas & new year!

Current status for site migration - currently 36% complete.

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Want to be listed on Car Boot Bazaar sales listing?  Whether it’s a permanent, temporary or one off car boot sale in United Kingdom, we are happy to publish details for your local car boot sale in our directory.

Buying Advice

Are you new to car boot sales?  Read Buying Advice on how best to grab those bargains when at car boot sales, how not to get ripped off by bogus sellers.

Selling Advice

Thinking of selling unwanted items?  Read Selling Advice on how best to prepare for a car boot sale, what to watch out for when you set up your stall and start selling at car boot sales.

Car Boot Sales Information

Car boot sales started out back in circa early 1970’s in United Kingdom, they have grown in popularity ever since.  Car boot sales started mainly at schools or outside halls however car boot sales have grown in popularity over the years, being held in fields or large venues such as racecourses or even alongside markets.  Car boot sales mainly run on Sundays however they can be held on any other day such as bank holiday Mondays.  A majority of these events are held during summer months, best tourists or visitors to come out however indoor sales have also taken a trend recently, becoming more common.  Technology now helps car boot sales to be listed on the Internet such as this directory listing, making it easier to find.

Information supplied on our United Kingdom Car Boot Sale listing is correct at the time of publication however there may be a time when information within this directory may be slightly incorrect or out of date due to a last minute change or information being changed before notification.  Information will be updated as soon as possible.

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